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The Need for Hood Installation Repair Fabrication Service

Commercial kitchens are used almost 12 hours a day on the average. The walls and ceilings often get black because of all the fumes and ingredients that are used while cooking. Even with the top chimneys installed, it is not possible to keep the dirt away for long. That is the time when you will need a hood installation repair fabrication service from Empire Hood Cleaning. If your kitchen does not have a hood unit, then it will be wise to get a hood installed, and we will be happy to do that for you. We offer hood fabrication units along with hood cleaning and repairing. But why exactly are kitchen hoods so important? Here are some of the reasons listed below:

• It minimizes the airflow requirement in the kitchen.

• It maximizes the emission control so that the chances of the smoke and gas that emits on to the wall and ceilings are reduced.

• The workers will be more productive because of the cleaner kitchen.

• It minimizes the pressure loss to a great extent.

Types of hood fabrication units

Hood Installation NYC

Now that you have an idea of how beneficial kitchen hoods are, you will want to know the types of hoods that we can make. Well, it all depends on the size of your kitchen. For our fabrication services, we will take the measurements of your kitchen and suggest the best hood fabrication unit that can be installed. We have the experience and the knowledge to design kitchen hoods according to your specific measurements. Now, let’s take a look at some of the custom fabricated hoods that you can choose for your kitchen:

  1. General kitchen hoods �” the most economical of the bunch and has simple features. If you have a small kitchen with an average output of food, then this one will be a good choice.
  2. Clean kitchen hoods �” this type of kitchen hood keep the work area free from any kind of contaminants. The air will flow down and go across the work area to keep the surface clean.
  3. Filtered kitchen hoods �” this is the most advanced and should be the ideal choice for any big commercial kitchen. The flexibility of this unit is fantastic. It filters the smoke while cooking and also does not allow any grease or dirt to stick on to it. If the hood gets dirty after a year, you can opt for the hood cleaning service from our company to restore its brand-new look.
  4. Standard kitchen hoods �” these hoods are sloped on the sides so that they do not interrupt the airflow patterns. It comes with a double wall and vertical sash.

Essential features of kitchen hood units

The fabricated kitchen hoods that we make serves the real purpose of the hood after the installation is done. You can also buy a readymade kitchen hood and get it installed by one of our technicians. But before you purchase or get the hood installed, here are the features that you should know about:

• The design of the kitchen hood should be stylish to make the kitchen look good. Most of the companies will show you the range of designs and styles, and you can pick the one that suits best for your kitchen.

• The extraction hoods should be powerful enough to trap the vapors in a filter and draw the cooking fumes into it so that the kitchen remains clean. These fumes will then be emitted out of the kitchen through a ventilation duct. Make sure that the hood has the maximum suction strength.

• There should be an automatic fan operation sensor that will be able to sense the level of steam or impurities and gases and respond to the situation suitably.

• The filters used in the hood should be easy to clean. Most of the kitchen hoods come with metal filters. These can be cleaned with the help of dishwashers and lukewarm water.

Apart from these features, the kitchen hood should not make any noise when it is switched on. Sophisticated kitchen hoods from Empire Hood Cleaning come with a built-in silencer that keeps the sound of the hood to a minimum.

Hood repair services in  ManhattanBrooklynQueensThe BronxStaten Island

Repairing the hood is an integral part of our service that you shouldn’t miss. We have had cases where the kitchen hood became faulty, and we were called to install a new hood. But when our technicians reached the kitchen, they found that only a couple of repairs would make the hood work like new. We can assure you that our technicians will not suggest an expensive repair if it is not required. They are highly experienced, and we are fortunate to have such an honest group of workers working for Empire Hood Cleaning. Becoming the leading hood installation repair fabrication service provider is not easy at all.

Our technicians have also received many questions from clients regarding the symptoms that prove that the kitchen hood is not functioning properly. Ideally, you should be doing a maintenance check from us after every three months to make sure that the hood is working without any problem. But if you don’t want to do that, then there are two signs that you should keep an eye on. The first one is easy to understand; there will be a malfunctioning light on the hood, and it will glow if there is any problem with the hood. It may be an electrical issue or something to do with the functioning of the hood, whatever the problem may be, give us a call, and we will reach your kitchen at the earliest.

Another symptom that you need to keep an eye on is the noisy motor. Every kitchen hood has an exhaust fan motor that works silently when the hood is working properly. But when there are loud noises when the hood is in operation, it means that there is something wrong, and you need to call the experts. The most common problems that we have encountered so far are the blower wheel housing becoming faulty or the motor bearings not working as expected, and so on. Our technicians will visit your kitchen and inspect the fault. They will repair the part immediately so that the hood can be used at the earliest.


Hood cleaning services

Occasional cleaning of the kitchen hood is critical. It helps to keep the kitchen clean and sanitary. Commercial kitchens go through a lot every day. There are fumes and smoke and cooking ingredients everywhere, and the scene is crazy. Amongst all this buzz, most people forget that the walls and ceilings of the kitchen are becoming darker every day. In fact, even if there is a kitchen hood installed, the regular use of the kitchen can make it dirty. At Empire Hood Cleaning we offer a comprehensive hood installation repair fabrication service to our clients. We have a unique way of cleaning the hoods that are different from others, and we guarantee that the cleanliness will last long.

Once you contact us to clean your kitchen hood, we will send a team of experts to check the condition of the hood in your kitchen. They will turn the entire system down starting from fans, filters, hoods, covers, and vents. This helps to understand the amount of grease and oil that has accumulated on the unit. We have a special degreasing chemical that is applied to all the surfaces of the hood to make sure that even the most stubborn grease can be removed quite easily. After the grease and tough dust loosens up, we start with the scraping and scrubbing step where all the parts of the hood are cleaned thoroughly.

There are parts of the hood such as fans, filters, and hoods that can’t be reached with bare hands. We clean those parts with pressure wash techniques using special machines. Some of the filters that are located on the lower part of the hood are cleaned by taking them out from the hood. Don’t worry, and we will reinstall them before leaving.

Our high-quality service has helped us reach some of the most esteemed clients such as Accurex and Captive Air. Ever since we started, our main motive has been to serve our customers better and make the kitchens spot-free. That is why we have paid extra attention to the hood installation repair fabrication service. We want to make sure that your kitchen remains safe and hygienic for a long time.

In addition to our specialist hood installation, repair, and fabrication services In New York City Area we also install precipitators and pollution control units. Our association with Captive Air, Smog-Hog, and Trion has helped us deliver the best quality fabricated hoods to our clients.

If you are looking to get a new hood installed in your kitchen or get a customized hood or even clean the existing hood, we are there for you. Our service areas are distributed throughout New York City including Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island, Staten Island, The Bronx, and Manhattan. Just gives us a call at (888) 988-6568 and we will be more than happy to start working with you.